How to Prepare for NATA 2021 -

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National Aptitude Test in Architecture is one of the prestigious entrance exams conducted by the Council of Architecture (COA) for admission to B.Arch course. It is conducted in two sessions and each year, a large number of applicants fill the NATA application form. NATA is a competitive examination. Careers360 presents some of the effective tips on how to prepare for NATA 2021. Candidates can find some of the important points that every NATAaspirant must remember while preparing for the exam. Read the complete article to know more about how to prepare for NATA 2021.

NATA Syllabus 2021





Part A -Drawing Test


Understanding the important visual principles in a composition (2D OR 3D) such as balance, rhythm, direction, hierarchy, etc. Understanding geometry and the ability to visualize shape and solve geometrical puzzles to test spatial intelligence; Understanding color theory and the various terminologies to test color scheme awareness and knowledge; Visual system interpretation and perception to test graphical similarities and other properties; Ability to understand spatial relationship between objects, and to visualize images and scenarios; Tests for cognitive ability: perception, attention, recognition, memory etc.

Part B


Logarithms, Algebra, Matrices, Trigonometry,
Coordinate Geometry, 3 Dimensional Coordinate Geometry, Theory of Calculus, Application of Calculus, Permutation and Combination,
Statistics and Probability


Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Optics, Dual nature of radiation and Matter, Atoms and Nuclei and Electronic devices


Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry; Structure of Atom; Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties, Chemical Bonding and Molecular; States of Matter: Gases and Liquids, Chemical Thermodynamics; Equilibrium; Redox Reactions; Hydrogen; s- Block Elements p -Block Elements, Organic Chemistry.

General Aptitude

Visualising different sides of 3D objects, Objects, texture related to architecture and built environment,
Mathematical Reasoning, Sets and Relations

After syllabus, next comes the exam pattern of NATA 2021. A good understanding of the exam pattern will help you to know how to begin with the preparation. Exam pattern consists of all the important details regarding the entrance exam such as mode of paper, marking scheme, number of questions that will be asked in the exam, and more.

NATA 2021 Exam Pattern



Mode of Examination

Online/Home Proctored Online Test

Medium of Examination


Duration of the Exam

2 hours

Number of Sections

The exam will have two parts-
Part A- Drawing Test (Cognitive skills required for drawing and visual composition)
Part B- PCM and General Aptitude & Logical Reasoning

Section-wise time duration

Part A- Drawing Test: 72 minutes (1 hour 12 minutes)
Part B- PCM and General Aptitude & Logical Reasoning45 minutes
There is a break of 3 minutes.

Number of Questions

Part A-
Drawing Test- 10 Questions (4 Preferential type questions (PTQ) and 6 MCQs )
Part B-
PCM- 15 Questions

General Aptitude & Logical Reasoning - 35 Questions

Total Marks

200 Marks

Marking Scheme

Candidates will be awarded 1.5 marks for each correct answer in Part B.

There will be no negative marking.

After going through the syllabus and exam pattern thoroughly, candidates can strategize and make their study plan accordingly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nata difficult than Jee?

It has a drawing paper which requires you to analyse views (like bird's eye view, ant's eye view etc) ,It is tougher than JEE drawing paper. ... So JEE has tough maths. And NATA has tough online test. Drawing can be handled pretty well in both the exams, if you get the concept thoroughly


Is coaching necessary for Nata?
now a day there is a craze for this career and when it comes to an entrance test coaching becomes necessary if yoiu are really serious about becoming a successful Architect from a very good college.